We have been working successfully with organisations of all sizes in Switzerland since 2015.

Our values and working philosophy

Whether we’re acting as an advisor, coach or trainer, we always work on a people-centered, solution- and resource-driven basis. Our approach is holistic, and our attitude is positive and optimistic. We’re committed to building long-term working relationships based on mutual trust, openness and confidentiality. We’re inspired by systems theory, and co-create specific solutions together with our clients.

Our vision

D&I is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in the business model of the future. We’d be glad to help you unleash the D&I potential within your organisation.

We’re convinced that mixed, heterogenous teams and organisations are better equipped to master the challenges that currently face us. Modern business is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA for short). No single leader or member of management has all the relevant information, experience and creativity to find the right solutions to these challenges on their own. To do this, the process of finding solutions and making decisions has to include broader points of view. What’s needed is diversity of opinion, experience and perspective. Systematically developing diversity and inclusion helps achieve this, and at the same time makes sure the organisation has the specialists and managers it requires.

Reasons to choose INLEAD

  1. We’re one of the leading D&I specialists in Switzerland.
  2. We’re well versed in supporting and empowering management, teams and talented women.
  3. We work on a solution- and resource-driven basis in partnership with our clients. Our work revolves around their goals and ambitions.
  4. We advise, guide and empower people and organisations of all sizes across Switzerland in English, French and German, and have rich experience in dealing with intercultural concerns.
  5. We have an extensive and successful track record in D&I.
  6. Activating the potential of people and organisations is our passion.