INLEAD stands for Inclusive Leaders. We have been actively promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) at the management and executive level since 2015. We offer consulting, coaching, training, workshops and digital solutions (e-learning).

INLEAD is your partner for the development and implementation of integrated solutions in D&I promotion. We help you achieve sustainable results and harness the benefits of D&I. INLEAD is synonymous with leveraged diversity: activating diversity for the benefit of the organisation as a whole and all its stakeholders.

Our philosophy

We work with clients in a solution- and resource-oriented, holistic and optimistic way. Guided by systems theory, we build long-term relationships characterised by mutual respect, openness, confidentiality and a positive image of humanity.

    Inclusion & Diversity

    Our vision: Diversity AND Inclusion

    Diversity exists in all societies, organisations, businesses and teams. When consciously embraced, it can become a valuable resource and success factor—but diversity without inclusion is meaningless. The conscious inclusion of diversity is a prerequisite for harnessing its many benefits.

    Why promote inclusion at INLEAD?

    Inclusion stands for participation, equal opportunities, safety and respect, empathy and fairness. It is our conviction that everybody—irrespective of age, ethnicity, personality, lifestyle, gender identity, sexual orientation, skills or abilities—benefits from greater inclusion.

    INLEAD was born of a firm commitment to inclusion—for the benefit of us all.


    Jérôme Oguey, Founder and Managing Director of INLEAD®

    ‘I’m inspired by leaders with humility. Leaders with a strong sense of self-awareness, who recognise their strengths but also the areas in which they could improve. The best leaders are those willing to open themselves up to the knowledge and talents of others.’

    Jérôme is a business economist FH and an internationally certified coach ICF PCC | EMCC ITCA. He has over 10 years of management and leadership experience with diverse teams and large organisations, and over 30 years of practical consulting experience.

    He works with executives and managers in conjunction with their teams, as well as HR teams in French, German and English. His approach is characterised by humour, dedication and a commitment to results.

    Carmen Cronauer, Consultant

    Carmen is a management expert specialising in organisational and leadership development.

    She brings decades of international experience in marketing, sales and consulting combined with enthusiasm, empathy and strategic savvy.

    When it comes to complex issues, Carmen gets straight to the point. She uses her clarity and intuition to help create space for reflection for leaders, giving them the opportunity for personal growth and development as a manager.

    ‘Recognise your choices and create room for manoeuvre.’ Carmen Cronauer, INLEAD consultant

    Bettina Maushake, Project Management Office

    She has many years of experience at large international companies, primarily in communications, and lived for many years in Asia, latterly as an independent consultant.

    Bettina helps develop strategic business projects and deliver them effectively. She brings intercultural and organisational skills and the ability to achieve goals combined with enthusiasm and creative energy.


        Partner Organisations

        Diversity and inclusion is a multifaceted issue, too important and too complex to be dealt with by one organisation alone. The following bodies are, like INLEAD, committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

        The Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) of the University of St. Gallen (HSG)  is a pioneer in D&I management in Switzerland and a longstanding partner of INLEAD. The centre offers the most comprehensive D&I

        Witty works helps companies use inclusive language. Its AI-based language assistant detects unconscious stereotypes and prejudices in communication and suggests inclusive alternatives.

        Advance Women in Swiss Business offers a mentoring programme for talented women from its member companies.