Comprehensive expertise in inclusion

INLEAD offers you advice, coaching and training, makes keynote addresses, and leads deep-dive workshops on promoting inclusion. We act as an expert sparring partner to management and HR teams. In dialogue with you we create highly distinctive solutions tailormade to your needs and ambitions to ensure a high degree of acceptance and effective results.

Our services in detail

Management and executive development
  • We make your managers and staff aware of unconscious biases and patterns of behaviour in relation to both gender and generational differences.
  • We systematically develop inclusion skills, including efforts building on existing management and talent development programmes.
  • We raise awareness of the importance and potential of diversity within your organisation (business case).
  • We activate the potential for performance and innovation within heterogeneous teams and enable it to be harnessed more effectively.
  • We develop appropriate career development programmes for talented women and other minorities within your organisation.
  • We hold tailormade crash courses for newly appointed HR, personnel development and D&I managers.
Strategy development
  • We give interactive keynote speeches at your board or executive meeting to stimulate (initial) reflection on the importance of diversity in your organisation.
  • We formulate your organisation’s D&I business case.
  • We root your D&I ambitions in your corporate strategy.
  • We design holistic development programmes spanning all the relevant dimensions of D&I (see activation model).
  • We develop a D&I dashboard with the KPIs you need to effectively measure performance and inform your stakeholders transparently.
Organisational development
  • We support strategic development processes at business unit and team level.
  • We analyse your processes in the relevant principal functions (e.g. HR and sponsorship) and align them with the corresponding guidelines.
  • We analyse your entire talent life cycle to identify and remedy operational obstacles.
  • We enhance your organisation’s employer of choice programme module by module.
Cultural development
  • We do a gap analysis of your corporate culture to compare the existing and desired state of affairs.
  • We devise targeted actions to promote an equitable culture within your organisation.
  • We initiate cultural change projects at corporate or team level.
  • We encourage collaboration between heterogeneous business units and teams within your organisation.
  • We empower your leaders to fulfil their role as agents of transformation in your organisation and culture.

INLEAD’s D&I activation model

Over the last few years we’ve observed how efforts to promote diversity and inclusion have spread and developed within organisations. But again and again we’ve also encountered frustration. In many cases, the success in terms of activating the potential of D&I through training and development programmes has borne no relation to the effort put in by the management team. To really take effect, D&I initiatives must include all the relevant dimensions of an organisation. Training and development programmes are pivotal and important, but they’re not enough on their own to ensure effective, sustained progress.

INLEAD has developed a comprehensive model for activating and harnessing the potential of diversity within your organisation. It addresses the issue on several levels:

  1. Strategy, organisation and processes
  2. Corporate and management culture
  3. Workers and leaders.
Leaders leveraging diversity:
executive and line management are key to success.

The commitment of executive and line management is key to success

We deliberately focus on close partnership with your executives and line managers. They’re at the heart of devising and implementing a successful D&I strategy. Permanent inclusion is only possible with their involvement and commitment. They are the people

  1. who define strategy, design workflows and optimise processes
  2. who shape your corporate culture by leading by example
  3. who attract, develop and retain the talent crucial to the long-term success of your organisation.

INLEAD’s D&I activation model analyses in detail all the relevant dimensions within the organisation to then set the right strategic and tactical course.
To ensure you derive benefit from your D&I initiatives, all the different dimensions have to be aligned and developed coherently.