Inclusion can be learnt.

We offer tailored solutions for the promotion of inclusion competences at all levels.

    INLEAD has been promoting the development of inclusion competences since 2015.

    We work with groups and individuals, be they managers, executives, teams or employees. Our range of solutions for the promotion of D&I includes consulting, coaching, training, workshops and digital solutions (e-learning).

    INLEAD is synonymous with leveraged diversity: activating diversity for the benefit of the organisation as a whole and all its stakeholders.

      Inclusion & Diversity

      Our services at a glance

      • Inclusive leadership development: Developing managers’ and executives’ inclusion competences through e-Learning and conventional leadership training
      • Inclusive culture development: GAP analysis and targeted culture-development measures
      • Talent and career development: Training programmes aimed at underrepresented groups
      • Unconscious bias: Raising managers’ and employees’ awareness of implicit prejudices as well as gender- and generation-specific stereotypes
      • Inclusive team development: Improving collaboration and maximising performance and innovation potential in heterogeneous teams (including project teams)
      • Inclusive human resources: Tailor-made support for HR teams across the employee lifecycle (including recruitment and mentoring)
      • D&I strategy consulting: Identifying the D&I business case, formulating ambitions and implementing them in the corporate strategy
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            Read about our specially developed Activation Model and Competency Model for the promotion of inclusion in organisations.

              INLEAD is your partner for the development and implementation of integrated solutions in D&I promotion. We help you achieve sustainable results and harness the benefits of D&I.

              Inclusion is the most powerful lever for employee engagement and thus for peak performance in organisations.

              E-learning series: Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders

              Companies that invest in D&I are better equipped to deal with the complex challenges of demographic change and the globalised economy. By fostering and valuing diversity, companies can attract and retain the most talented, committed employees and help them realise their full potential.

              Tap into the market advantages of diversity with our e-learning series!

              INLEAD’s e-learning series Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders is an online complement to our long-established Executive Coaching & Inclusive Leadership training offer.

              More about the series

              The e-learning series consists of three modules designed specifically for managers and executives in the DACH region.

              Ever wondered how to recognise and harness diversity in your team or company? In this series, you find out how to promote equal opportunities, fairness and inclusion in an effective, practical and cost-efficient way.

              The content is based on INLEAD’s long experience in promoting inclusive leadership in Switzerland. It draws on scientific findings and features valuable contributions from Professor Gudrun Sander from the Competence Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) at the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

              Inlead partner

              Module 1 – Diversity

              There are many different kinds of diversity. Gain deeper insight into diversity and find out how it can benefit your team(s) and/or company.

              Module 2 – Unconscious Bias

              What is unconscious bias, and how does it affect your judgement? Find out how to limit the impact of implicit prejudices on your decisions.

              Module 3 – Inclusive Leadership

              What do inclusion and inclusive leadership really mean? Explore the key concepts and find out how to unlock the power of diversity in your team.

              More about the modules

              The three modules build on each other, but they can also be followed individually. They are designed such that you can apply your newfound insights in practice immediately.
              Learning is an active process of constructing new knowledge that also requires guidance. Although the modules can be used as a standalone solution, combining them with a conventional leadership-development programme or coaching is the best way of achieving lasting results. The course materials are designed to engage participants, with an emphasis on focused learning over pure entertainment.

              Benefits of the INLEAD e-learning series
              • Flexible online learning: follow the modules anytime, anywhere
              • Efficient: just 3 modules of 30 minutes each
              • Interactive and dynamic content and quizzes for optimal virtual learning
              • Easy to integrate into your company’s existing training offer
              • inclusion competences for you and your teams
              • Insight into implicit assumptions and preferences
              • Case studies and practical strategies
              • Licence with LMS hosting available if required

              Let our client Testimonials speak for themselves!

              Users' evaluation:

              93% of users recommend it (recommendation rate February 2024)

              What they liked most – Was ihnen am besten gefallen hat:
              • Very valuable resource that supports awareness strategies for organizations and managers
              • Spannende Inputs und wichtige Informationen in einem interaktiven Umfeld.
              • Die Art und Weise wie die Lerninhalte vermittelt werden. Durch die interaktive Gestaltung fällt es leicht, konzentriert zu bleiben.
              • Die anschaulichen Beispiele aus der Praxis. Die prägnanten Zusammenfassungen jeweils am Ende eines Kapitels/Moduls.
              • Dass der Fokus für einmal auf die Diversität und deren Inklusion[…] in Führungsfragen [….] gelegt wird, finde ich spannend und lehrreich […].
              • Great balance between theory and practice. Engaging content.
              Why should you choose the INLEAD e-learning series?

              INLEAD has been a pioneer in the development of inclusive leadership practices since 2015. D&I is a key factor in building a loyal customer base, attracting committed employees and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. When you choose the INLEAD e-learning series, you are choosing to invest the development of an inclusive work environment in which diversity is nourished and prized. More on the benefits of D&I

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              Engagement Index: Leadership Effectiveness Self-Assessment

              At INLEAD, we believe the most valuable resource an organisation can have is its people.

              In our experience, the most important predictor of high performance in organisations is employee engagement. And employees are more willing to commit themselves to the team and the organisation if they feel that they belong. A manager’s primary concern should thus be the creation of an inclusive work environment.

              Inclusion & Diversity

              Our own research and valuable discussions with clients led us to identify five indicators that directly affect employee engagement. Based on these indicators, we developed the Engagement Index, an online questionnaire that helps you assess the level of engagement of your employees.

              The questionnaire takes just five minutes to fill out. For optimal results, we advise you to answer the questions honestly.

              Take me to the questionnaire

              On completion, you will receive an email containing a brief report of your leadership effectiveness. This can serve as a starting point for the development of your inclusion competences with INLEAD.

              Interested in using the Engagement Index in your team?

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              Important: By using this service, I agree that my personal/professional data may be used for commercial purposes by INLEAD. I also authorise INLEAD to contact me regarding the result of the self-assessment.

              Inclusion & Diversity