Leadership Effectiveness Self-Assessment

Discover your score as a leader, and what you can do to further enhance performance in your team.

At INLEAD, we are convinced that the most precious resource in organisations – for dealing with growing complexity, globalisation and the highly paced technological development – is loyalty and people who are engaged. The primary concern of leaders shall therefore be on creating working environments that enable and encourage people to engage in their tasks, on shared projects, for the team, all its stakeholders as well as the whole organisation.

Based on our +10 years’ experience working with numerous organisations and their leaders, we believe that the main predicator for high performing organisations is the level of engagement of staff and team members. Thereafter, if there would be only one single key performance indicator for great leadership practices, then this shall be the engagement level of staff and team members.

We designed this short self-assessment questionnaire in order to support leaders in leveraging their leadership and becoming even more effective. In less than 5 minutes, our self-assessment helps you gain valuable insights upon the level of engagement in your team and how you perform as a leader. In addition, it provides an overview on the key dimensions leading to engagement from a staff perspective.

While taking the self-assessment, we recommend you answer the questions as honestly as possible in order to achieve a faithful representation of your leadership effectiveness. It is between you & you.

Important: By using this service, I agree that my personal/professional data may be used for commercial purposes by INLEAD. I also authorize INLEAD to contact me regarding the result of the self-assessment.

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