Diversity and inclusion (D&I) management is designed to improve diversity and heterogeneity among employees and teams. If it’s driven and supported by company leadership, D&I management can open up great opportunities for an organisation. An inclusive corporate culture activates dormant potential to facilitate better performance, greater innovation and competitive advantage.

Sparring partner for diversity & inclusion

Our ambition is to work with you as a partner to achieve results and help you sustainably promote and effectively activate the potential of diversity within your organisation.

Employees who feel valued in their uniqueness and are free to do their work unhindered are intrinsically motivated, loyal and fundamentally satisfied. This satisfaction is reflected in the team: people with different backgrounds work together constructively and develop better-quality solutions. This in turn benefits your organization, your customers, and other stakeholders.

If heterogeneity is to add value, these are your keys to success:

  • a dedicated management
  • a clear-cut strategy
  • closely aligned organization and processes
  • first and foremost, leaders who know how to deal with otherness and diversity.

Our great passion is helping people and organizations unfold their full potential, so we’ll be happy to assist you in this process.

Leaders leveraging diversity.

Does your D&I management need a nudge to gain momentum?

If you have recognised the potential of diversity in your organisation and want to bring it to full fruition, we can help you clear your path of obstacles.

You want…

  • to really activate the potential of D&I to add true economic and social value
  • to improve your employer branding by
    • attracting professionals and executives – whether they’re women, people with a migrant background, or other talented individuals – to a career in your business
    • retaining committed and loyal employees for a long-term career within your organization
  • to enable your leadership team to fully activate the performance potential of employees
  • to reduce the legal risks of potential discrimination and pay inequality
  • to have KPIs at your fingertips to measure performance and use them in transparent corporate communications
  • to increase the returns on your existing D&I efforts.

INLEAD takes account of the specific needs and requirements of Swiss business, concentrating on the following dimensions of D&I:

  1. Diversity of personality, thought and opinions
  2. Gender diversity
  3. Generational diversity
  4. Linguistic and cultural diversity
  5. New modes of work

Promoting diversity pays off. INLEAD shows you how.